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Design By Summerhill


Summerhill Ltd. Antiques in Old Towne Orange has been providing quality antiques and vintage furnishings for more than 20 years. Owner Denise Jochec also proudly offers full-service design – "soup to nuts, floor to ceiling, all design projects petite and grand." Their service providers include upholsterers, flooring specialists, seamstresses, refinishers, framers, fabric houses and mirror specialists. They not only give superb service but also a “Summerhill” discount. Most of these artisans have been working with the shop since they opened their doors.

One of the treasured interior designers is Shawn who has been with the team since 2011.

I was able to steal some of his time to find out more about what he’s passionate about and how his design process works.
1. Tell us about how you became interested in interior design at Summerhill?
I’ve always loved to design but the owner's partner at the time took me under her wing as a part-time apprentice in her design business.

2. What is your favorite aspect of the process?
Incorporating the clients. taste, ideas, and needs with my elements of design is a very fulfilling process when it all comes to fruition.

3. Is there a project that stands out that you are most proud of?
There is not just one that comes to mind, I cherish the relationships that are formed with each client. Several become best of friends like extended family.

4. Tell us about the most frustrating aspect of being an interior designer? And, on the flipside what’s the most rewarding one?
Most challenging is when you’re working with the client's contractor or subcontractors that aren’t open-minded to new ideas. The most rewarding is when things evolve quickly, easily and the project mirrors the image you created with the client. It is also gratifying when the contractor is equally pleased when stepping out of their comfort zone and have a great result.

5. What are some design trends you just don’t like?
I detest fake flowers and plants.

6. What are your favorite design elements?
Mixing French with Mid Century Modern.

7. When it comes to furniture, what would you recommend we splurge on?
Splurge on beautiful mirrors and lamps as I see them as pieces of art and set the tone for a room.
8. When it comes to design what do you think is the most important element?
Choose something you love and use it as inspiration for the space.
9.  What are you most excited about?
I love the hunt for new acquisitions with my clients whether it be textiles, furniture or fixtures it’s very fulfilling for all of us.

10. If someone is on a tight budget, what’s the one thing they can do that will make a big difference in a room?
Change the color of walls in the room, rearrange the furniture and the artwork. You would be surprised how the purchase of a new lampshade can change the style and mood of a room.

Contact Shawn at 714.771.7782, or

Summerhill Ltd. is at 110 S. Glassell St. Orange.

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