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For the Love of Surf and Furniture Making


With a love of surf, the ocean and art, Duranne Collins of Willow Creations OC in Costa Mesa took a 30-year hobby of creatively using paint, wood, glass, metal, fabric, epoxy resins, and or recyclables and up-cycling, re-purposing, restoring, and refinishing all kinds of furniture and opened a custom furniture business. She pulled her expertise together, along with her creative knowledge in art, gardening, farming, working many mediums as well as a lifetime in the surfboard industry working with resin and epoxies.

Her surfing heritage comes from her dad, Lance Collins of Wave Tools Surfboards. “Growing up with a father who started his surfboard company in 1969, immersed me in the love of the ocean, waves, and surfing,” Duranne said. “My brother, Richie Collins grew up surfing competitively and by the age of 14, he turned professional. He was top 7 in the world.”

She was raised on the sand, on the beach, in the waves surfing, being trained to respect the ocean, and to love the ocean. And this is the reason she creates epoxy ocean waves. “I can't help but be drawn to the medium epoxy pouring gives me in sharing the mesmerizing tranquility the ocean has for those who love it and respect it,” says Duranne.

And, now she’s celebrating her first year in business. “I am most proud of my goal to dive into adding the epoxy element into my furniture restoration business because I knew I needed to go this way in order to support myself,” Duranne said. “I couldn't be more proud (and nervous) of how well my little business is taking off. It comes at the perfect time as my life has changed for the better and for good.”

She loves challenges, so if you bring in a crazy idea, she’ll run with it, and figure out how to pull it off, and do it!

She loves working with epoxies and the artistic creativity behind the techniques and additives. She can finish work with a shimmery dreamy beautiful effect to her customer's furniture, tabletops, bar tops, or whatever you can dream of.

She’s focused on custom work but is also starting to create larger quantities of items for sale to put into stores along with large projects such as kitchen countertop epoxy pours and epoxy finishes on floors.

Her specialties include epoxy pour tables, epoxy pour bartops, epoxy pour furniture tops epoxy charcuterie boards, epoxy Aloha Balance Boards, epoxy wall clock and epoxy wall art. She can completely revamp old boring furniture, upcycle old furniture into something new, and restore ugly furniture into beauty.

You can contact her at 949.610.2578, or visit her site at

1725 Monrovia Ave. Suite C5 in Costa Mesa.

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