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Let’s BE SUPER in the Era of COVID-19


With this time-out of sorts, while we're all at home waiting out COVID-19, everyone's health and the health of others is top of mind. Everyone might feel a little helpless right now, but we can take control of our wellness and quality of life while we weather this storm. To that end, MaxLove Project offers a 7-point BE SUPER Action Plan. Everything they do at MaxLove Project, from fierce foods to online social support and everything in between, is based on this simple plan to improve wellness. They want to share it with you in hope that it helps you feel empowered to take even one action, however large or small, to come out stronger on the other side. More HERE.

"Before beginning, it’s important to note that no healthy lifestyle action is protective against contracting SARS-CoV-2 (the virus) or developing any symptoms related to COVID-19 (the disease caused by the virus). BE SUPER Actions will definitely make us stronger, more at peace, and happier as we hunker down and “flatten the curve.” Unfortunately, there still isn’t enough data to know whether and how much COVID-19 symptoms may be reduced by engaging in these healthy actions. But in these times of uncertainty, we know for sure that these are no-risk practices that can otherwise greatly improve our quality of life. " — Justin Wilford, Ph.D

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