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Sling Into Fitness


Improve your performance in your daily life by trying a new fitness method in Newport Beach. At Sling Body Fitness you’ll learn to exercise your whole body with a few simple exercises. They use slings that are easy to customize to various training levels. Their Redcord Sling/Suspension and Pilates training provide fast and proven efficacy for anyone who would like to prevent injuries or perform better. 

Redcord Sling/Suspension exercises range from super easy to extremely hard.  They’ll give you everything from the basics to the advanced so you can train at your level and be continuously challenged. 

Redcord suspension exercises can provide faster results for everyone who wants to perform better, prevent injury, avoid pain or just want to stay active. Utilizing your own body weight as resistance, there are hundreds of suspension exercises available to you do sling training to increase inner joint stability, improve core strength and encourage proper biomechanics.

They also offer Sling Body Yoga, a low-medium impact form of exercise, where you will be suspended from the ceiling by ropes and Slings. Using the ropes, you'll perform inversions and poses using the sling as your support.
Although it's a full-body workout, it is not reserved for the naturally athletic, strong and bendy yoga types.

Mention Greer's OC and receive 25% off all packages. Call them to schedule an introductory class or sign up online at your convenience.

Sling Body Fitness is open Monday – Friday by appointment 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Saturday by appointment 8 a.m. -12 p.m.; and Sunday closed.

601 Dover Drive, Newport Beach. 949.675.5888.

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