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For Your Eyes Only


Summer is here, which makes me think about sunglasses more than ever. And, yet it’s always sunglass season in Orange County. With more sunny days than not, it’s fun to find new fashionable frames for casual days and stylish outings.

Recently, I discovered IVI Vision, a premium eyewear brand based in Orange County. I’m so impressed by its high quality, chic styles, the variety in lens colors and that world-renowned eyewear designer Jacques Marie Mage designed the sun collection; and Salt co-founder and Cartier designer Richard Wilhelm designed their optical collection.

IVI’s innovative handcrafted designs are made with premium materials such as Italian acetates from Mazzucchelli 1849, aerospace-grade aluminum, and ultra-premium Carl Zeiss lenses that are impact resistant and optically perfect. They provide 100% UVA, UVB and Blue light protection with precise clarity.

I just had the opportunity to learn about lens colors, fashion tints, and lenses from Tabatha Wood, the senior optician at i2i Optometry in Irvine. She has a vast knowledge of everything optical. And, i2i Optometry carries a wide variety of eyewear including IVI Vision.

Q&A With Tabatha Wood at i2i Optometry

Since we live in SoCal and we have on average 300 sunny days a year, what lens color would you recommend to protect our eyes?
I would say it has to be personal preference. Polarized lenses are best to combat glare, but they interfere with digital devices and give that waffle effect to windows on cars. Sometimes patients complain about how the windows look.

What is hot right now in fashion tints?
Blue is big and can break the brightness of white when you are outside in bright sunlight. The blue has some gray tones to it and makes it darker not just a blue color.

Do you think we all should be wearing polarized lenses in our sunglasses?
No, I do not feel polarized lenses are for everyone as I previously stated in #1. I do feel you need more than one pair of glasses both indoor and out. There is more than one activity that we all do. Tints are good for the casual norm, but polarization is exceptional for sports activities.
Of the IVI Vision line what are some of your favorite frames and why?
I like the Sepulveda, Standard, Brooks and Daggerwing. The Sepulveda is a classic shape and will look good on just about everyone. The Standard has another classic feel to it for men and women and it just looks cool. Brooks is classic, sophisticated and versatile. Lastly, the Daggerwing, it has a high fashion feel and look it can really be jazzed up by some fun lens treatments.
When choosing a lens color, should we take into account our eye color?
Yes, that is a key factor when I am styling a patient. I try to keep in mind their prescription first and foremost. I have to have a conversation to know what they are going to be using their glasses for. If in fact, they are light eye blue/green, we have to talk about how the sun affects their eyes. Gray is the darkest, but we can always add a gray base to any color making it darker.

How can we best protect the health of our eyes as far as lens color goes?
Lens color doesn’t have anything to do with the health of our eyes. If a person wears sunglasses, the battle is half won already. The key factors are UV protection. 100% UVA UV B and blue blocker added to the tint. Polarized lenses already have that. One should always wear sunglasses even on an overcast day including our children.
IVI Vision’s line features the Zeiss lens, can you tell us what is special about this lens?
Zeiss lenses are pristine in their optics. It is a very refined process, and digital lenses take out all aberrations. The vertex, panto and the wrap just to name a few. These measurements are in addition to a doctor’s prescription that are digitally enhanced on the lens.

What would you recommend for us to prevent macular degeneration disease?
This is the hardest question to answer as there isn’t a cure for Macular degeneration. It’s a lifestyle change. First cleaner eating, coupled with moderate drinking (if you are a drinker). If you are a smoker quit. The last is some exercise, nothing robust just 30 minutes of a brisk walk every other day is enough. It can be hereditary, and you really must have an annual eye exam to diagnose and catch eye diseases. It is a shame most people only think of an eye exam if they are experiencing vision issues for glasses or contacts.

How can we help prevent cataracts?
To help prevent cataracts, yes there is a way to protect your eyes from harmful UV by wearing either polarized lenses or tinted lenses with 100% UVA and UVB coating added. The UV rays are what promotes the growth of cataracts. Living in Southern California if we live long enough we will all get cataracts, which is the thickening of the lens inside our eye which continues to grow from birth to our death. When it is removed most times it allows better vision because of the implant (lens) placed in the eye which has a prescription in it.

What lens color would you recommend for someone who plays golf or tennis? How about winter sports?
Sports are all about keeping your eye on what is prominent to what you are doing. For golf, I would recommend green, or blue. The same for tennis. Fishing a copper color or amber is great polarized. For the range amber or yellow to give contrast and sensitivity quality. Just to name a few.

Most of us spend so much time looking at screens, what lens color or tint would you recommend preventing eye fatigue?
Indoor use I would say an anti-reflection coating that is blue light oriented a must to combat the effects of harmful blue light that fatigues the eye interrupts REM sleep and melatonin. Outside just tint with 100% UV protection.

What if someone loves an IVI Vision frame but wants a different color, can you accommodate those requests?
Yes, we can mix and match and do some creative features to any frame and lens you just have to have an imagination and some creative thinking, the sky is the limit!

i2i Optometry is located at 17320 Red Hill Ave., Suite170 in Irvine. 949.250.1415

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