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ISSAC tuition-free public Tk-5 Charter School Open for Enrollment


International School of Science and Culture (ISSAC) is a new tuition-free public charter school in Cosa Mesa that’s open for enrollment for all from anywhere in Orange County. ISSAC fall 2019 is open TK to 5th grade; ISSAC will be TK to 7th grade next year and is open for enrollment now.

As the schools in the local district, they’re interested in supporting students to shine. They are joined by a common mission. However, ISSAC does provide something different. They fill a specific need with its program of trilingual (Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and English) education, concentrating on STREAM, with project-based and differentiated learning. It's a wonderful school, open to all, that's especially beneficial to multilingual communities, specifically Spanish speaking, English learners.  

ISSAC is at 1770 Tustin Avenue, Costa Mesa. 949.441.4500, or

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