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Chameleon Design

How to Decorate with Neutrals


Design by a Chameleon

We love those beautiful white rooms, however it can be tricky decorating with only neutral colors. Here are some simple ways to keep the design of your home interesting and beautiful while using only neutral colors.

Using varying hues of the same color gives your neutral room personality and depth. Using a broad range of shades from the same palette keeps the look cohesive and ties it all together if used throughout the whole house.

The more textures that you add, to walls, couches, beds, tables, the more interest you add to the design. Layering textures with pillows and blankets adds a rich element. You can also add textures with ceramics, rugs, and accent pieces.

Metals, Woods and Plants
Plants, metal and wood elements serve as a great way to mix up the style while still staying in a neutral zone. Adding live plants to your décor can give a nice pop of color to keep things lively.

Accentuate architecture or find furniture pieces with tasteful lines and architecture. If your house boasts beautiful architectural features, make sure that you highlight them by styling around them to make them stand out.


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