Q&A With Bonni Pomush, CEO of Working Wardrobes

Many unemployed individuals need support and services while looking for a job or career. Seeking employment can be demoralizing and confusing. It’s difficult to know where to begin or how to demonstrate skills and abilities to regain job stability. Since 1990, Orange County-based Working Wardrobes has been helping unemployed people get back to work. They serve nearly 5,000 clients annually through a variety of programs. It’s not just about offering work clothes; their services range from resume creation, skills and personality assessments, interview preparation, job coaching, and certification programs. Yet, they also help candidates dress for success through its Success Suit program. They’ve professionally dressed more than 100,000 people in the past 30 years. They also partner with corporations, educational programs, community agencies, and civic partners to further opportunities and help clients gain confidence so they may be successful in landing their next role. I was fortunate enough to speak with Working Wardrobes’ CEO Bonni Pomush about the organization’s tailored services that help thousands of people get back to work to earn The Power of a Paycheck™ and learned even more about their empowerment programs.

Q&A with Dr. Tanya Dansky Learn About MemorialCare’s FDA-cleared Virtual Exam Kit

Can you imagine having a comprehensive medical exam performed by a physician virtually from the comfort of your home? For the first time, MemorialCare's FDA-cleared Virtual Exam Kit powered by TytoCare makes it possible. The future of healthcare is here! It saves you the hassle of trips to the doctor's office or urgent care. MemorialCare is the only health system in Orange County to offer this capability to its patients. I wanted to learn more about these Virtual Exam Kits and was grateful to speak to Dr. Tanya Dansky, the Senior Medical Director at MemorialCare Medical Group.

Judy Brower Fancher of Brower, Miller & Cole, Interiors With Culture.

Art in interiors can be a form of self-expression, but when it comes to choosing art for your home it can be confusing. Where do you start? To the rescue to make the process interesting and never intimidating is Judy Brower Fancher of Brower, Miller & Cole, Interiors With Culture. Brower, formerly a marketing executive who recently sold her successful agency, has traveled all over the world for decades acquiring art and getting to know artists and gallery owners. Now she’s bringing her skills, love of international cultures, design, and contemporary art to clients who want access to original art in a process that’s stress-free and fun. She’s skilled at helping clients from first-time art buyers to those that may just be adding a piece to their existing collection. Her company sources artwork for both residential and commercial spaces. She has a unique perspective as both an art collector and a certified interior designer, in that she’s able to understand how art works visually within her clients’ current designs.

Jim McAleer,  President & CEO of Alzheimer’s Orange County

Meet Jim McAleer, the president, and CEO of Alzheimer's Orange County, for the past eighteen years he has been a dynamic community leader, changing lives by advocating for and actively helping thousands of people living with dementia and their families. Since 1982, Alzheimer’s Orange County has been working hard to provide quality care and support services to the thousands of local residents affected by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Revolve Law Group
Founding Partner Kimberly Wright, Esq and Co-Managing Partner Sara Naheedy

1. Revolve Law Group is leading the future of law firms – how are you setting the new standard? In order to set the new standard, we’re prioritizing how we show up for our clients before focusing on what we are doing for them. Our principles and values as people guide who we are as lawyers. Our guiding principle is simple - our world revolves around the client.

Chef Andrew Gruel

Founder of Slapfish

Meet Andrew Gruel, the founder and CEO of Huntington Beach-based Slapfish Restaurant Group. Known as a modern seafood shack serving fresh, sustainable seafood in a casual setting, Slapfish has six locations in Orange County.

David Coles

Chief Operations Officer & Wealth Advisor at WMBC

Paige Oden


Paige Oden is the Director of Visual Arts at the Orange County High School of the Arts. She holds a BFA in Painting and an MFA in Figurative Sculpture, studying under artists such as Ed Moses, John Lincoln, and Stephen Werlick.