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John Szabo


1. If you had to begin a different career, what would you do?

My heart and soul have always been drawn to art so I am blessed to be an artist but if I could do something else it would have been to be a politician and run on a platform that would:

  * Put the environment first
  * De-stigmatize mental illness
  * De-criminalize marijuana
  * Be sure everyone has access to affordable health care like every other advanced nation in the World and end the evil term “pre-existing condition”!

2. What’s your most prized possession?

Something ephemeral; my mind, soul and spirit when invigorated by art, beauty, friendship and love.

3. Favorite drink?

Clean water.

4. What are you cutting out because of the economy?

I stopped drinking bottled water and will NEVER buy it again after learning Americans toss 50 BILLION plastic bottles into waste dumps every YEAR when in fact tap water is sometimes healthier.

5. Fantasy purchase?

A Victorian mansion in San Francisco. I would live in one room and then invite artists and people who are struggling in life to live in other rooms for one year periods.

6. What can’t you live without?

Clean air.

7. What’s next on your “to do” list?

A series of collages using original newspapers from World War II that will be at my show in June 2010 at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA.

8. Biggest regret?

Wasted too many years working for companies like IBM, Microsoft and Cisco who simply lay off their most talented, loyal, intelligent employees to pump up their stock prices and make the rich, richer.. Glad I eventually figured this out and left on my own terms.

9. Cause that you’re most interested/involved in?

Listening to people who are struggling: the homeless, people suffering from emotional and mental problems and others in need.

10. Your dream day in OC?

Helping out those less fortunate from whom you expect nothing in return.

11. Favorite place for breakfast?

Any number of cliffs over looking Laguna or a Parisian or San Francisco Cafe.

12. What was the best day of your life?

I can’t point to a single day but having an artistic break-through on a series of particular piece of art. Also days spent surfing and a few long distance running races.

13. Last concert that you went to?

Bruce Springsteen.

14. Favorite vacation spot?


15. What do you love and hate about Orange County?

I love the ocean. I don’t like the reality that to many people image ($$$$$$$) is everything.

16. Favorite books?

All the great Russian novelists.

17. Favorite restaurants in Orange County?

Don’t have any.

18. Biggest accomplishment?

Volunteering for worthy causes and being able to donate my art for worthy causes.

19. What’s your biggest fear?

I fear wasting things….

20. Secret most people don’t know about you?

I shave my chest every month. Not sure why. Just feels good.

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