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Peter Blake


1. What character in a movie or book do you most identify with?
Don Corleone
2. Who are your favorite authors?
I don't read books.
3. Favorite vacation spot?
Palm Springs
4. Where haven't you been that you're dying to go?
Hell (for just one day).
5. What’s your next major goal in life?
Being happy every day.
6. Who had the biggest influence on your life?
It's anybody's race out there. I run my own.
7. Favorite drink?
Big earthy Cabernet.
8. Favorite restaurants in Orange County?
MESA in Costa Mesa.
9. Last major purchase?
Range Rover.
10. Dumbest investment?
Range Rover.
11. A famous person you love to meet?
Ronald Reagan.
12. Biggest accomplishment?
Bringing respect to the art world in Orange County by opening my gallery in 1993.
13. What's your biggest fear?
Fear nothing, fear no one.
14. Who is your favorite artist?
Any artist at the Peter Blake Gallery.
15. If you had to begin a different career, what would you do?
16. Secret most people don’t know about you?
I probably know your secret.
17. Who is your favorite fictional character?
Blake Carrington (Dynasty.
18. Your biggest extravagance?
Bristol Farms (everyday).
19. What's your favorite CD?
Common "Finding Forever".
20. What was the best day in your life?

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