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California Cool Exhibit at The RItz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel


The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel welcomes back Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art to the oceanfront resort’s rotating art gallery space with the new exhibit, California Cool. Now on display until May 2020, the contemporary-inspired exhibit features 23 vibrant pieces by 11 local artists, highlighting California’s natural environment with cool ocean blues, whimsical glass butterflies, and coral colored skies.

With the resort's neighboring artist enclave of Laguna Beach, the new exhibit provides guests and art enthusiasts alike to enjoy a cultural-meets-local escape and the opportunity to purchase a piece to take home with them.  

Bridgette Shaw, exhibit curator, and owner of Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, introduces unique artwork to each exhibit. With California Cool, a must-see artwork includes “She’s the One” by Ricky Hunt, a black and white piece made entirely of string and nails that depicts a picture of a woman’s face. New to the exhibit, artist Karl SoCal features two pieces of spray paint on composite brick, one in which reimagines the work of Banksy – an iconic English street artist. All of the artwork within the exhibit features different mediums like acrylic, house paint, oil, mixed media, hand-blown glass, and more. Art on display includes:

 Karl SoCal / “Waiting in Vain: A Revision of Banksy” / Spray Paint on Composite Brick
Karl SoCal / “Wall Street” / Spray Paint and Glitter on Composite Brick
Ricky Hunt / “She’s The One” / String, Nails on Wood Panel
Ricky Hunt / “Open Tension 9” / Acrylic on Wood with Resin
Adolfo Girala / “Meditation” / Acrylic with Minerals
Nic McGuire / Hand Blown Glass Butterflies
Diana Carey / “Sunset Beach” / House Paint
Diana Carey / “Molokai” / House Paint
Kym De Los Reyes / “Pray for Surf” / Acrylic
Kym De Los Reyes / “Hope Floats” / Acrylic
Kym De Los Reyes / “Love Connection” / Acrylic
Greg Stogner / "Turbulence" / Mixed Media on Wood
Greg Stogner / "Sky Dance" / Mixed Media on Wood
Greg Stogner / "Enduring Heart" / Mixed Media on Wood
Robin Hiers / “Look of Love” / Acrylic
Jessica Osborne / “Good Days Only" / Acrylic
Jessica Osborne / "Day in Newport" / Acrylic
Jessica Osborne / "Sweet Escape" / Acrylic
Jessica Osborne / "Day Dreaming" / Acrylic
Clovis / "That’s Deep" / Acrylic
Clovis / "I’m Not Blue" / Acrylic
Clovis / "Destination Green" / Acrylic
Tania Alcala / "Trust" / Acrylic on Wood with Resin

Guests can purchase the art by contacting Bridgette Shaw with the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art at 949.677.8373

Ritz-Carton, Laguna Niguel is at 1 Ritz Carlton Drive, Dana Point.


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