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Hoag First in OC to Debut Eversense CGM


For anyone who has diabetes, or has a loved one with diabetes, there’s exciting news for monitoring glucose levels. Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian just announced it has become the first hospital in Orange County to offer a new state-of-the art sensor technology that monitors glucose values in adults with diabetes. Available to patients at the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center at Hoag, the Eversense® Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System is the world’s first FDA-approved, long-term implantable glucose sensor.

The Eversense system consists of a fluorescence-based sensor inserted subcutaneously in the upper arm, a smart transmitter worn over the sensor to facilitate data communication, and a mobile app for displaying glucose values, trends and alerts. 

“We are excited to offer our patients the benefits of this innovative glucose monitoring option which is designed to help reduce the challenges of living with diabetes, in turn enhancing their quality of daily living,” said David Ahn, M.D., program director of the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center. “With new and innovative technology like this sensor, we can partner with our patients to help identify the best ways to meet their long-term treatment goals.”

Dr. Ahn is one of the first physicians in California authorized to implant the Eversense sensor. The device offers patients continuous glucose monitoring for up to three months, thus eliminating the need for them to self-administer the weekly or biweekly sensor insertions required by traditional CGM systems.

The Allen Diabetes Center prides itself on providing clinical, educational and support services for patients with diabetes and their families. With a focus on research and innovative diabetes technologies, Hoag is committed to making diabetes management easier, more accurate and less painful.

For more information regarding services at the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center, please call 949-764-8065 or visit

520 Superior Ave Ste150, Newport Beach,

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