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Jason Wallis

1. What character in a movie or book do you most identify with?
I wished I could be as straight-faced pretentious as to claim Howard Roark's The Fountainhead. However, probably more realistic is like the protagonist from Hotel Honolulu by Paul Theroux.

2. What do you do to relax?
My family and go to coves in South Laguna. In the afternoon, we go to Kean Coffee on Irvine and 17th in Newport Beach! My wife Christina (and our then-newborn Simon) were the first real regulars there!

3. Favorite vacation spot?
The Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. My family have a beach house there, and we spend several weeks every year there surfing and drinking NZ flat-whites (coffee).

4. Where haven't you been that you're dying to go?
I want to do a road trip around the North Island in New Zealand. Camping the whole way.

5. What's your next major goal in life?
Have my fashion photography on the cover of Allure magazine and shoot regular spreads for them. My heroes Regan Cameron, Greg Kadel and Carter Smith shoot regularly for it. If I can do that and reside in Orange County I have made it!

6. Who had the biggest influence on your life?
My grandmother Berta Wallis. She was a beauty queen from Mexico, married an Oil Man and lived a life all around the world. When my Grandfather retired she invested his money and doubled it in 3 months on the stock market. She always had an entourage. When she spoke to you it was as if you were the only person in the world. Here's the truth: she always believed in me -the greatest complement anyone can have...

7. Favorite drink?
Gin and tonic.

8. Favorite restaurants in Orange County?
Roy's in Fashion Island and Kura revolving sushi bar in Costa Mesa.

9. Last major purchase?
A bank-owned house...

10. Dumbest investment?
A vintage Mercedes. What a money pit nightmare. I finally gave the dream up and ditched it.

11. A famous person you love to meet?
My famous people are different than most. I want to meet photographers: Regan Cameron (A New Zealander living in NYC) and Richard Bailey (from Australia). I also love Sofia Coppola and business author Brian Tracy.

12. Biggest accomplishment?
I was always told: get a degree and work your way up the corporate ladder. I threw that slave mindset away mid-masters degree and came to the USA to pursue photography. I never went back to finish the degree ... never regretted that. I live a life of unreality now: "taking photos of women playing dress-up," as my wife says!

13. What's your biggest fear?
I take photos and I am often surprised: Wow, I took that! I love that! I fear one day that mojo will disappear, and I will be relegated in people's minds to the soft-focus, overly-posed, muslin backdrop photographers' club.

14. Who is your favorite artist?
Music: The Radio Department, director Sofia Coppola, Maurice Shadbolt, a New Zealand author

15. If you had to begin a different career, what would you do?
I love the show "Cops" so I would have to say I would like to be a cop. Doing something useful and exciting.

16. Secret most people don’t know about you?
I'm just as scared I'll be found out as we all are ...

17. Who is your favorite fictional character?
Charlotte from "Lost in Translation."

18. Your biggest extravagance?
Surfboards. My wife wonders why I need four in our garage.

19. What's your favorite CD?
The Radio Dept.: Pet Grief.

20. What was the best day in your life?
There are two: Births of Simon and Nate.

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